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Event furniture by Hire it

Hire it, a professional event furniture company, provided event furniture which resulted in many successful events.

Event Furniture to Past Events

event furniture hire it past events hire it event furniture hire event furniture hire event furniture

Hire it has a team of experts that help the host to provide furniture for the event on hire matching with the event theme.

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Circular bar hire in London

At Hire it, we provide circular bar hire service for your event in London.

We understand that when hosting an event, budget is always a concern. So we provide circular bar that will suit your requirement and fit in your budget.

Check out our new range of Gold and Silver customisable bar available for hire.

Gold Customisable Bar:

Full circle £700 3m diameter
Half circle £400
2 segments £300
1 segment £200

Silver Mirror Bar:

Full circle £700 110.5cm x 45cm x 0cm
Half circle £400 110.5cm x 45cm x 0cm
2 segments £300 110.5cm x 45cm x 0cm
1 segment £200 110.5cm x 45cm x 0cm

gold bar event furniture hire it silver bar london silver bar

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Successful events by hire it event furniture

Hire it has provided event furniture to many successful events. we are sharing some pictures from the events.

hire event furniture event furniture on hire hire it hire it events event furniture

We do all event furniture on hire as we do understand the financial pressure a host goes through. To ease the pressure, our professional team at hire it strive to provide high quality event furniture with in your budget.

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Low Budget Event? Hire event furniture…

Hosting a grand event? Finding difficult to manage with low budget? At hire it, we can be solution to all your problems.

We provide high quality event furniture for hire so you don’t have to buy event furniture just one for 1 day event. You can hire sofas, tables, chairs, event lighting and other event accessories for a successful event. You can save hugh amount of money on hiring event furniture and is considered a wise solution when hosting a party. Do not spend exorbitant amounts of money on purchasing furniture items outright. At hire it, you can also hire bar corners to make alcohol serving area. People always  love being cocktail served in the event.

hiring event furniture

bespoke event furniture

sofa hire

With the event furniture package, we also offer event management services and event lighting of the event venue. Not only this we provide full support and assistance in finding the appropriate event venue be it a corporate or social event, big or small event.

The money saved in hiring event furniture can be focused on hosting the event and creating a perfect atmosphere for your guests. Also, with the money, time saved is significant.

Hire it is UK’s large event furniture hiring company offering bespoke event furniture services as well.

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Event Planning Checklist – Hire it

We are sharing with you event planning checklist that u need to keep when you are event planning. There are very minor things which are relatively important but are easily missed out.

A careful examination and research required when hiring event furniture as its vital for the success of the event.

Event Checklist

How many people can be accomodated in the hall? It will aid in deciding the number of guests to be invited.

Adequate parking facility available or not for the event venue.

Check emergency exits

Disability access for delegates. Wheelchair ramps?

Check screening so its visible to all the guest.

Decide room decor

Comfort in the hall ( Adjust heating or cooling as per weather requirement)

Screen size on stage should be big enough so everyone can see clearly.

LCD Projector needed?

Corporate colour scheme. Its important for overall event theme.

Requirements for event furniture for event hire. What is all needed in corporate events?

Plants, flowers, furniture, props? Other event accessories

Check for event lighting.

How many micophones needed?

Arrangement of speakers?

Health and Safety Checks should be done beforehand.

Areas of risks should be looked after.

Fire Aid should be available

Finall rehersals should be done.

furniture hire london

hire event furniture

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Steps involved in hiring event furniture

Hiring event furniture can be very cumbersome at times. However, at hire it we try to make it as simple as possible for our clients.

Some simple steps involved in hiring event furniture for your event be it wedding, social or any corporate event.

1. Requirements of the client is discussed – the date of the event, event venue, event theme and the number of guests.

Event theme is important as with our bespoke services, we can customise event furniture at amazing prices.

2. We design furniture for your event. Making sure its high quality and all your requirements are met.

At hire it, we understand the importance of success of your event so we make sure you are happy with the event furniture.

3. Delivery: Event furniture delivery is vital to every event.

Event furniture is installed and delivered to the promised date and venue.

Hiring event furniture

sofa hire

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Vibrant colors of sofas for event hire

Looking for sofa hire?

We have loads of vibrant colours in sofas which will give a distinct look to your event.

Check these sofas for event hire:

white sofa hire

Chesterfield 2-seat white

sofa for event hire

Chesterfield 2-seat silver

sofa and chairs from hire it event furniture

Chesterfield 2-seat pink

purple sofa hire

Chesterfield 2-seat purple

2 seat sofa for event hire

Chesterfield 2-seat gold

Vibrant sofa

Chesterfield green

Black 2 seat sofa

Chesterfield 2-seat black

Did you like our sofa collection? These can make your guests very comfortable on the event day.