Lighting for Corporate events – Hire it Event Furniture

Corporate events need a diverse range of indoor and outdoor lighting. At Hire it, we do variety of event lighting and also offere bespoke event furniture services, so client has the flexibility to customise lighting as per his needs. We also assist you on how to achieve the perfect lighting and how to impress your guests.

Our Event lighting includes:

Neon Lighting


Mirror Balls

New Jack Orange

Plinth Lighting

And many more….

event lighting

lighting for corporate events

hire event furniture

hiring event furniture uk

new event lighting

LED plant pots

£80 each | red, yellow or blue

All are products are environment friendly. We never ignore or try to harm environment. Environment is as important for us as your events.

Get Stunning and effective lighting for your corporate events.

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Hire Event Furniture


Why hiring event furniture from hire it?

Hire-it Event Furniture is the UK’s one of the largest event furniture supplier. Specialising in supplying event furniture for hire for corporate events and other social events. Also, delivering furniture at the event venue.

Why hiring from hire it?

1) Hiring at Cheap prices
Supplying bespoke event furniture at impressive prices. If you have a budget set for your event, we strive to provide custom furniture for hire that won’t break your bank.

2) Quality
We only provide excellent quality furniture be it for your corporate event or social event.

3) Flexibility
We offer flexible services for our customers. There will be no unexpected charges when hiring from us.

4) Delivery

All orders of event furniture are delivered packed to the event venue. We offer fast delivery to most locations in the london.

hiring event accessories

event furniture for hire

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Conference event furniture hire

At hire it, we strive to provide the type of event furniture depending your event is big or small, corporate or social event or social or wedding. We never compromise on the quality of event furniture. We provide impressive and stylish furniture that leaves a good memory for your guests. All our conference furniture hire items can be customised to suit your needs. Our experts offer bespoke services at amazing prices. You can free yourself from trawling expensive retail stores. With our delivery services, you can be relaxed and expect your delivery on the promised date.

At Hire it – Furniture Hire UK , we stock a range of furniture items and other essential items that will give your event a professional and trendy look. A truly distinctive experience to your guests with our special range of conference event furniture. If you can’t find what you are looking for, contact us. We provide bespoke event furniture services and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

sofa hire london

Retro sofa

£180 | grey or green

sofa hire

Minimalist sofa 

£150 | silver, orange, cream

Event Accessories


event furniture hire


When hiring event furniture for corporate events, you need to make sure that the furniture is available in large quantity. Other accessories like props, lighting, cushions can also be hired from us. They are extremely durable and space saving. We have tables in various material from wooden to glass. You can order as per your requirement. Whatever the material is , quality is never compromised. Our comfy sofas can make a relaxing environment for your guests. They are durable and don’t look bulky.

Every event needs a host

An event be it big or small, just a small gathering of friends or conference of 10 professionals, every event needs a host. Hosting an event can be difficult and to make your event successful needs a lot of organisation and management skills. How to utilise the time allotted for event to make a best lifetime experience for everyone.

Also, the event venue and event furniture plays an important role. Once the event venue is decided, hiring event furniture from esteemed company is essential. If you have nice straight bars – alcohol serving area, comfy sofas, other accessories like props to keep your guest busy can make a identifiable experience for your guests.

Sharing picture of our past events:

event furniture

hiring event furniture

hosting event

high quality evnet furniture for hire

event furniture for hire london

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New Sofas for event hire

At hire it, we have new sofas for event hire.

sofa hire

Boudoir chair grey

£90 | colour pop legs

sofas for event hire

Boudoir chair black

£90 | black velvet

black sofa for hire

Button back sofa

£220 | black
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Table hire – Corporate event furniture guide

Every business builds its reputation throught the quality of services and how strong the socail network is. To build and improve social networks with the employees and customers, to spread awareness, the corporate events are hosted. In such events, everything is counted from event furniture to event lighting, from event venue decor to parking facilities available.

At hire it, hiring event furniture company in the UK, supplies table hire, staight bars and glowing bars for corporate or social events and other event accessroies. Event lighting is also one of our expertise.

We have 2 types of tables – Poseur tables and coffee tables for hire. Poseur tables are subtle and have contemporary designs. They are perfect for any entrataining events. They are usually in glass and chrome. They are usually defined as small meeting tables. Our circular banqueting tables are available in three sizes, offering style and versatility. They are available for event hire. The size of poseur table is usually 50cm x 50cm x 111.7cm. We offer bespoke event furniture services as well.

table for hire

circular table for event hire

We stock a wide range of coffee tables. It is stylish long and low table. It is usually used to place in front of the sofa. The height is designed as per the height of your sofa. It is usually used in the relaxing area of the event. We have wooden, glass and mirror coffee tables available for event hire. Glass coffee tables are suitable for more formal events.

event table for hire

mirror table for hire

Additional event furniture for hire that will give more style to your events. Call us on 0203 056 7570 or email us at

Event Planning Checklist – Hire it

We are sharing with you event planning checklist that u need to keep when you are event planning. There are very minor things which are relatively important but are easily missed out.

A careful examination and research required when hiring event furniture as its vital for the success of the event.

Event Checklist

How many people can be accomodated in the hall? It will aid in deciding the number of guests to be invited.

Adequate parking facility available or not for the event venue.

Check emergency exits

Disability access for delegates. Wheelchair ramps?

Check screening so its visible to all the guest.

Decide room decor

Comfort in the hall ( Adjust heating or cooling as per weather requirement)

Screen size on stage should be big enough so everyone can see clearly.

LCD Projector needed?

Corporate colour scheme. Its important for overall event theme.

Requirements for event furniture for event hire. What is all needed in corporate events?

Plants, flowers, furniture, props? Other event accessories

Check for event lighting.

How many micophones needed?

Arrangement of speakers?

Health and Safety Checks should be done beforehand.

Areas of risks should be looked after.

Fire Aid should be available

Finall rehersals should be done.

furniture hire london

hire event furniture

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