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Event Furniture and Past Successful Events

At hire it, we have supplied high quality event furniture to big events on hire. Event furniture available on hire easily fit in your budget for the event. Our expert team assist you to arrange furniture on hire that will go with your event theme.

Check out our past event pictures:

past event event furniture on hire event furniture on hire

Don’t forget to check out our new range of coffee table available for hire:

coffee table on hire hire it event furniture event furniture wooden coffee table coffee table


Visit hire it-event furniture website to view full range of event furniture on hire.

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Lighting and furniture for your event

Organising an event is not an easy task. It involves a lot of planning, budget analysis and research of a best event furniture supplier. At hire it, we strive to make it possible for customers to have a successful event. We make furniture for your event in your budget. We assist to get good deals and do all customisation so it goes with your event theme.

Check out new dining tables and event lighting:

hire dining table event lighting hire event furniture event lighting for hire event lighting for hire


Don’t forget to visit our website for more on event furniture hire

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Table hire – Corporate event furniture guide

Every business builds its reputation throught the quality of services and how strong the socail network is. To build and improve social networks with the employees and customers, to spread awareness, the corporate events are hosted. In such events, everything is counted from event furniture to event lighting, from event venue decor to parking facilities available.

At hire it, hiring event furniture company in the UK, supplies table hire, staight bars and glowing bars for corporate or social events and other event accessroies. Event lighting is also one of our expertise.

We have 2 types of tables – Poseur tables and coffee tables for hire. Poseur tables are subtle and have contemporary designs. They are perfect for any entrataining events. They are usually in glass and chrome. They are usually defined as small meeting tables. Our circular banqueting tables are available in three sizes, offering style and versatility. They are available for event hire. The size of poseur table is usually 50cm x 50cm x 111.7cm. We offer bespoke event furniture services as well.

table for hire

circular table for event hire

We stock a wide range of coffee tables. It is stylish long and low table. It is usually used to place in front of the sofa. The height is designed as per the height of your sofa. It is usually used in the relaxing area of the event. We have wooden, glass and mirror coffee tables available for event hire. Glass coffee tables are suitable for more formal events.

event table for hire

mirror table for hire

Additional event furniture for hire that will give more style to your events. Call us on 0203 056 7570 or email us at