Event Planning Checklist – Hire it

We are sharing with you event planning checklist that u need to keep when you are event planning. There are very minor things which are relatively important but are easily missed out.

A careful examination and research required when hiring event furniture as its vital for the success of the event.

Event Checklist

How many people can be accomodated in the hall? It will aid in deciding the number of guests to be invited.

Adequate parking facility available or not for the event venue.

Check emergency exits

Disability access for delegates. Wheelchair ramps?

Check screening so its visible to all the guest.

Decide room decor

Comfort in the hall ( Adjust heating or cooling as per weather requirement)

Screen size on stage should be big enough so everyone can see clearly.

LCD Projector needed?

Corporate colour scheme. Its important for overall event theme.

Requirements for event furniture for event hire. What is all needed in corporate events?

Plants, flowers, furniture, props? Other event accessories

Check for event lighting.

How many micophones needed?

Arrangement of speakers?

Health and Safety Checks should be done beforehand.

Areas of risks should be looked after.

Fire Aid should be available

Finall rehersals should be done.

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    • John
    • May 26th, 2013

    This is a great list. So many people call and do not know beforehand what they need which can make things very difficult. This list could be very useful.

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